Wednesday, March 21, 2012


MY BFF from jr high and high school is RACHEL and we have fun!(yes we have done a lot of crazy things that we will not speak of) We laugh a lot and it dosent matter how much time goes by we always pick back up like it has been only a day. WE our SOUL SISTAS! SHe is beautiful inside and out and i love her!  She is a wife and mommy of 2 wonderful boys Leyton and Liam and is exactly a year ahead of me in it.Her husband dated in high school and even went to our senior prom (i have pics of that too but she has pics of me that i would rather her not post of me from High school so we will leave that alone :/ ) SO i look to her for advice with my kids and we laugh that we have no clue why our oldest kids are so independent and tough! But we know its because of the daddies . We have started our wedding photography business this year because we believe that 2 photographers at a wedding is better than 1. Plus we love to hang out and what a better way then working together at what we love to do! I took some mommy and me photos of her and her sweet boys a few weeks ago at the zoo. We had to trick the boys thinking it was a play day but we knew what we were doing :) They are the sweetest pictures. SHe did a session with me and my babies and i will blog about it soon :) I love mine too thanks BFF I love ya. 


  1. Oh, those are really cute Meredith! I didn't know that you were getting into wedding photography too but I think that is a great idea. You did a fabulous job with Danna's wedding.

  2. Soooo sweet!!! I love you Meredith!!!