Monday, October 14, 2013

Summer of newborns | montgomery,al

This summer has been full of newborns at the the studio. I just love a good squishy newborn with their sweet smell and tiny little toes. My style of newborns is different then most. I like to keep it mostly natural with a few props from time to time. If a newborn isnt wanting to do a pose I an fine with that I would rather the baby come first. I do not do a lot of backdrops etc... I am more of a fine art timeless ,organic photographer. Enjoy these sweet faces!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Johnson family

Sweet Cloverdale friends we use to play with all the time before we moved to the country. Now are littles are in school and time has flown by. Im so glad I had the chance to catch up and meet your newest addition to your family. She has completed your family of boys! We had the session in the front yard which is where this family spends a lot of time. I just love how they turned out yall look great!