Thursday, October 14, 2010

a few of mine today

Here are a few images i have been working on of my family. I have so many more but it just takes so long to weed them down and edit so here are a few from a session with Madi at the beach a few weeks ago. She will be 2 1/2 in December and im trying to make sure i have plenty of photos of her because i know just like these past 2 years have flown by ,  she will be 4 before i know it . It goes by sooo fast so make sure you get your cameras out and who cares if they groan about it and your husband says ughh we have so many photos. Say oh well we will have a few more of my sweet baby today!

Here is a quick session i had with my beautiful sister and her handsome boyfriend in a cotton field near
his home.The sun was very bright but we took our chances and had to take the pics when we could so i think they are so sweet and hopefully next time i can do it when the sun is setting.