Friday, January 3, 2014

DSLR camera class / montgomery,al

    Its that time of year again!  DSLR beginners camera class to learn how to use your fancy new camera you just got for Christmas :) I go in depth to teach you all about your camera , from auto modes to manual mode. I explain about lenses and which is the best for you. This is a very basic easy class not for photographers who are already knowing all about their cameras. Its a 3 hour workshop here at my home studio in the country where we will learn and read and ask ?s, Lunch and notebooks are provided and then we will go outside weather permiting and shoot! If not we will shoot inside the natural light studio. I get so excited to teach others about their cameras ! Space is limited so register now to save your spot. or scroll down to the paypal button and click on class. Feb. 1 from 10-1

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