Thursday, March 10, 2011

blurry LOVE

Do you have a blurry or less than perfect pic that you just love! well i have several but this is probably my favorite. This was taken with a disposable camera and developed at a one hour  in college 8 years ago nothing fancy about it and its my FAV! this is me and Ryan (Hubby) at Michael's pub. This was very early in a our dating stage. Look at how young! look out how in LOVE we are! care free! , no worries, no babies! wow time flies!

   Today i just love how now just about everyone has a camera on them most of the time via cell phone,ipod,laptop....... its just amazing how far technology has come in a few short years.I remember and still have my first digital camera i got 8 years ago. It was amazing that i didnt have to take it to get developed to see the pics. I remember in college having a 3 or 4 throw always  needed  to be developed at once. Back then that was what everyone carried in their purse when we went out or did anything.
I do remember it being fun when you went to pick up your pics and saying oh i dont remember taking that pic and who is that? ohhh thats going to the garbage!.........
I still carry a throw away in my car just in case ! I have my cell phone camera and i use it all the time. I even have a memory card for it so i can take even more. I drives my husband crazy but if he had it his way we would take 3 pictures a year! I just cant let a moment go by and say ugh i wish i had my camera! 
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